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Holistic education to
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Community Education Programs | Sport for Change
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NGO partnership to
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Resource Support | Capacity Building
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Skill development to
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Women Empowerment | Youth Employment
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CSR services to create
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WHO WE ARE – CSR and Social Development Professionals


EDREST is pioneered by social work professionals and industry experts. Collectively the team has three decades of immense knowledge and experience, in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Livelihood Development, Education, Women Empowerment, Disaster Management and Urban and Rural Community Development. This makes EDREST the most dynamic, evolving, passionate and focused organization working in the social development space.

WHAT WE DO – Provide CSR Services and Create Opportunities to Arrest Poverty


EDREST offers full range of consultancy based Social Responsibility services to businesses and individuals to fulfill their social responsibility commitments. While doing so, EDREST generates its own funds to fulfill its objectives, in the areas of Education, Sports for Change, Livelihood / Entrepreneurship development, Women Empowerment, Community Development, Resource Support and Capacity Building of NGO’s and CBO’s.

WHAT WE BELIEVE – Inclusive Growth to Sustain Future Growth


The society is emerging and constituting its change agents, who would facilitate development of all masses, with perpetual actions, unbiased commitment, optimum utilization of resources and result oriented approach. This will bring in a paradigm shift towards filling the socio economic gaps to make a better world. On the other hand, the role of industries is expending beyond its profit boundaries. It is moving towards being more accountable, inclusive and holistic. EDREST believes itself to be a change agent, and would continue to upgrade its competencies to achieve better results in social development space, while being accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and openness in our communication.

EDREST - Services for Corporates, Individuals and Communities

EDREST Profile and Services Aug 2018


EDREST ‘CSR Consultancy’ for Businesses and Individuals

  • Baseline study
  • Impact assessment study
  • Social audit
  • CSR Policies and Align Existing CSR Projects
  • Execute CSR Projects
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Employee engagement

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EDREST ‘Setu’ Educational Development Programs

  • Community Based Educational Classes
  • English Speaking Classes
  • Educational Sponsorship
  • Sports for Change
  • Identify and Nurture Sports Aspirations

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EDREST ‘Shakti’ Livelihood & Skill Development Program for SHG’s and Youths

  • Youth Employability and Employment
  • Work in SHG’s transition from Microfinance to Livelihood and Business to Enterprise
  • Handholding process from Idea to Product Breakeven
  • EDREST ‘Disha’ Program for People and Children Living at Risk

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EDREST ‘Sath’ Resource Support and Capacity Building of NGO’s

  • Training to Enhance Skill Sets and Execution Strategy
  • Fund Raising and Collaborate on Common Projects
  • Resource Center for Partner Organization
  • Facilitate Collaboration of Likeminded Corporates
  • Rural Based NGO Network

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